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The first EVER inexpensive coaching and community space equipping entrepreneurs with everything they need to build successful online businesses that honor BOTH God and their Mental Health.

The Burnout-Free Biz 

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You were never meant to do the entrepreneur journey alone.
Let's build God-empowered, 6-figure businesses without the burnout...

Join a faith-based community of creative entrepreneurs to help you develop the mental, financial, and marketing skills you need TODAY to burnout less, impact more, and sustainably succeed in God's calling for your online business.


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...then this is the coaching and community you 

  • Lack of knowledge and clarity on business strategies
  • Decreased confidence in yourself and your ideas
  • Decreased faith in the God that gave you that business idea
  • Constant anxiety about the future of your business and finances 
  • Daily burnout from the never-ending hustle 
  • Frustrated with the plethora of online advice from marketing guru's and not sure which ones will actually work for you

You're not alone.

In fact...the number one thing we see that's missing from the creator space, is genuine mental and emotional support needed from the anxious and exhausting journey that naturally comes with the decision to be an entrepreneur and overall industry leader.

So, if you're experiencing...

Are you experiencing frustration, anxiety or burnout in your creative endeavors and personal life?

let's be real...


  • Generate consistent income month over month in your business 
  • Manage your money in a God-centered way that would lead to growth
  • Grow a dedicated social media following on Instagram and/or TikTok 
  • Grow an engaged email list of ready-to-buy subscribers
  • Run some of your business on autopilot in order to avoid burn out
  • Remain confident in yourself and your business's systems
  • Prioritize your mental health so you can get your life back on track
  • Prioritize your spiritual wealth by growing in relationship with Jesus
  • Generate the kind of impact that led to TRUE transformation in others

Just think: what would your life look like if you knew how to...

But it takes the right kind of
 support to get there.

Results are right around the corner.
We want to help you achieve all of the above.
 One step at a time.

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And you can start your journey TODAY.

We exist to help you achieve God-empowered mental and financial freedom in your business and overall life so you can rise up with bold confidence and make a mission-driven impact within yourself, your family, and in 1 to many people around the world. 

Our ultimate goal for YOU?

The Burnout-Free Online Business Mastery Course
2 Supporting Courses: Newsletter and Product Launch Mastery
Monthly live marketing workshops
Monthly Q&A's with Angel Marie
Monthly co-working sessions
Monthly entrepreneur prayer calls
Business chats with our team and members
Weekly tech tips 
Weekly business tips 
Group challenges 
Downloadable business planners + templates
Mental health resources 

As a member of the Hub, you will get access to:

Coaching, community, resources and so much more. Let's break it down...

What all do you get?

Get started for free

Access to 3 business-building courses that will help you start, grow and scale your business with confidence and WITHOUT the burnout this very year.
Our main course that you will FIRST go through in the Hub, is the Online Burnout-Free Business Mastery Course: A dripped out course to help you stay on track for the first 8 weeks so you can GET THE RIGHT WORK DONE!

Live workshops

Live Q&A's

Get access to EXCLUSIVE members-only workshops teaching you on a variety of topics related to building an online business. From email marketing, to social media mastery, to content creation, to brand messaging, and more…you’ll walk away with CLEAR steps to take your business and mindset to the very next level.

AND…members get access to ALL replays! 

Access the RIGHT kind of community, accountability, and guidance by getting exclusive opportunities to join Live Q&A’s, co-working sessions, AND get feedback in the community group from your Hub coach (Angel Marie) and other members in the community.  

A deeper look


On-demand courses

Access plug-n-play downloadable templates and planners providing you with the layout you need that will make your life easier and business to-do’s a bit more simple.

We take the stress out of you needing to create these yourselves so you can focus more on your actual business.

DM's with our coach

Prayer calls

Business planners + templates

Get unlimited access to ask questions and get feedback with your very own coach (ME), our community manager, and other members inside the community.

You'll have the business guidance and emotional support you need on a daily basis to endure the entrepreneur journey ahead.

Join Monthly calls that will be dedicated towards prayer and encouragement …but with a twist. 

These sessions will focus on what Jesus says about the components of running a business, managing money and being an impactful leader so that you can succeed in your mission with God by your side.

of our top features

Much love, Angel Marie

I’m a Christian woman on a mission to help you reach God-empowered financial and mental freedom one step at a time through faith, money and mindset-centered topics. I’m a marketing consultant, business strategist for content creators and small business owners, and a mindset growth coach for the everyday human.

In summary? I’m here to help you SUCCEED. That's why I've created the BURNOUT-FREE BUSINESS Coaching and Community Hub. Through delivering consistent content and education in the Hub, I hope to empower you to step further into the incredible leadership position God is calling you to take so that you can accomplish your current entrepreneurial mission in life with FULL CONFIDENCE. I hope to see you inside!

Angel Marie here! your go-to coach and digital friend...

Hi Friend!

Tired of investing in the kind of learning that only tells you the "What", but not the "How"? Us too. That's why you can expect the "How" to be proudly taught in every workshop or course we have.

Not just the what,
but the how

We are dedicated to being inside the Hub DAILY to answer questions, engage in a personalized way and give you FULL guidance whenever you feel stuck - even if it means sending you personalized  coaching videos! 

We give you POWERFUL tools and materials that you can download and keep for your reference anytime, anywhere.

We create a safe space for you to LEARN, NETWORK, and recieve emotional support when needed. When business gets tough and those spiritual/mental battles begin to take over, we got your back!

Safe learning

This means that reaching burnout when it comes to making money is OUT of the question. We will guide you in running a business with a mission-driven, God-empowered mentality that leads to more peace and joy in your life.

Mission and mental
health Focused

We not only deliver coaching for beginners, but we also teach on high-level strategies that are proven to bring you God-empowered mental and financial freedom results.

Proven strategies 

Powerful tools

Hands on coachIng
 like no other 

What makes this coaching different from others?


Ready to kickstart your journey?

Learn more about what our founder, Angel Marie, has to say about WHY the Hub was created and HOW it can benefit you as a creative entrepreneur.

Pelagia Komni

"...It's the first time I've seen this type of support in coaching! The results I had from working with her were obvious in my social media presence, messaging, & goals set up. Angel is a brilliant coach and human being.”

"Angel is the person who stands next to you and helps you with every aspect of your business"

Tayla Chenelle

"...and what I'm truly here for. I now have systems in place that I've stuck to for almost 2 months and I've since seen so much growth!”

"If you’re wanting to grow your business & grow into a better person in general, Angel’s your girl!”

"I’ve grown into a much more confident entrepreneur with Angel’s help and guidance!"

"Since working with Angel, I've gained so much more clarity in my business..."

See what our students had to say.

Sarah Martin

Total value over $500


Get access to downloadable templates, scripts, and planners that will be essential to your online business growth. 

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Total Value over $1000

Get exclusive chance to get step-by-step help in tech, automation, and online system setup that I teach to my 1-on-1 clients so that you're never left feeling confused! 

Resources and Tech Tools

Bonus #1

In addition to the hub,
you'll also get...


If for any reason you're not satisfied with the Burnout-Free Biz Hub, you can cancel your subscription at any time. No minimum subscription commitment required.

I promise to not let you down.

Cancel anytime

CAncel anytime

  • Monthly workshops and Q&A's
  • Unlimited on-demand courses 
  • Unlimited chats with our team & members
  • Unlimited downloadable templates


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  • Monthly workshops and Q&A's
  • Unlimited on-demand courses 
  • Unlimited chats with our team & members
  • Unlimited downloadable templates  

 FREE 1-on-1 marketing strategy session with Angel Marie when you pay yearly!


Monthly subscription

You Ready? 

Authentic business strategy coaching
Mental health guidance and mindset tools
Emotional support for everyday encouargement 

Let's reach God-empowered success. TOGETHER. 

Yes, you may. If for any reason you're not satisfied with the Empowered Mission Hub, you can cancel your subscription at any time.

Can I cancel my membership at any time?

You will get 1-on-1 guidance through chat threads in the Hub. For 1-on-1 coaching calls, you can book those for a discounted rate inside the Hub OR Opt-in for our up-front payment option to get one for FREE.

Can I get 1-on-1 coaching in the hub?

Once you checkout on the payment page, you will automatically be redirected to create your Hub account. You will also receive an immediate email providing you with that login access as well.

How do I access the hub?

Coaches, course creators, online business owners, social media influencers and digital entrepreneurs who are ready to scale their business, mindset and FAITH!

who is this best for?



Say hello to PROVEN coaching and community that actually makes a difference.

Say goodbye to feeling stuck and alone.

That's why the Empowered Mission Hub exists: to provide the God-empowered business coaching, mindset tools and the emotional support you need for everyday success.

How will your life change when you invest dedicated time and effort in God, yourself and your business?